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Community Messaging

The Neighbourhood Alert system is an online, secure community messaging system that allows authorised administrators to log in and send messages to registered people in the community who have chosen to receive them. Built in partnership with police forces since 2008, Neighbourhood Alert allows members of the public to stay up to date with the latest news in their area.

Click the picture to visit the website and sign up.

Cold Callers


If you recognise or realise that you have a cold-caller at your door, phone 101 immediately. This crime and harassment is a priority for the police and they will come out as soon as possible to, hopefully, catch the cold-caller whilst he/she is still in the neighbourhood. 
Please be ready to supply as much information about the cold-caller's appearance, including that of any accomplice who you may also see. Take vehicle registrations if you can see them and note in which direction the person is 'working'.
It is important to remember to keep your doors locked".

All homes in Chirton & Conock now receive a free copy of the Redhorn News (courtesy of the Parish Council) - if your copy doesn't arrive, please let us know.

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