St John the Baptist Church, Chirton
St John the Baptist Church, Chirton

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Wiltshire Council Surviving Winter Fund


Please could you cascade the following message regarding the details of the scheme to your teams.


Wiltshire residents can claim up to £250 (whilst funds last!) to help with their heating and fuel bills over the cold period. This time round we are paying either for top up vouchers for their prepayment meters or credit into their energy account if they pay by direct debit. We can also help with solid fuels also such as LPG gas bottles, wood or coal.

To be eligible, the client will need be in receipt of a means tested benefit, of pension age, or of working age and receiving a disability benefit (or they/someone in the household has a health condition worsened by the cold). They also need to be struggling with their fuel bills and keeping their home warm.  


The fund can also help with boiler repairs of up to £300.


To apply, your client can call our advice line number on 0800 038 5722, or you can make a referral and upload required evidence using this link.


We would need either recent benefit award letters or a recent bank statement showing benefits being paid into their account. It is not essential that all of the information is provided in the referral as we will be picking these up and calling those back to gather any additional information! We can also provide freepost envelopes for those to send their evidence back to us.

Please feel free to share with your colleagues who work with vulnerable people. The Surviving Winter Fund is first come first served, and the deadline will be in May. If the grant money runs out we can look at other funds your client may be eligible for, so please make referrals to the fund as soon as you can.

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