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Report It - It is easier than ever to report things like potholes, dog mess, graffiti, litter and street lighting in your area using our My Wiltshire online form .Reports can be made anonymously & it only takes a few minutes to register. Registration is free and once you have joined you can track the reports you have made, even receiving a notification once the work has been completed.

Paul Oatway - Wiltshire Councillor for the Pewsey Vale. He has lived in the vale for 21 years and worked in Wiltshire, mainly within this part of the County for one of our emergency services. As a result I have a good understanding of the vale, its people and problems.

Danny Kruger - MP for the Devizes constituency - elected in 2019.

Danny holds regular Advice Surgeries at locations across the Devizes Constituency to offer support for Constituents.  To book an appointment please call the Devizes Constituency office on 01380 729358 or email 

Redhorn News - the monthly magazine serving communities either side of the A342 east of Devizes.


Digital editions HERE


Would like to receive a copy direct to your email inbox ?Send your name, address and email address to:

If you would like something included, however small, please send it here.




Chirton Community Life - Facebook Group


Events, pics & much more !

Rural Services Network - to keep up with rural issues - click here !

Learnyay helps adults find free education courses and training. By connecting them with ESFA and local authority funded colleges, schools and training providers in their area.

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