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When Where Contact
Parish Council Meeting 13th February 2024 7.15pm The Old School Chirton   Parish Clerk
Parish Council Meeting 12th March 2024   7.15pm The Old School Chirton   Parish Clerk
Parish Council Meeting 16th April 2024     7:15pm  The Old School Chirton   Parish Clerk
Annual Meeting of the PC 14th May 2024  The Old School Chirton   Parish Clerk

  * There is no meeting in August



The agenda for each meeting will be posted in advance, on the Parish Council website:- and in physical form, on Parish noticeboards. Notification of the meeting will also be posted on the Parish Council facebook page and shared on Chirton Community Life.


There is a specific agenda point for representations/questions from Members of the Public and meeting visitors are required to raise their hand to request to speak. As per the 'Standing Orders' of the Council, the time designated for public participation shall not exceed 10 minutes and a member of the public shall not speak for more than 3 minutes. Any questions raised shall not necessarily be answered at the meeting and the Chairman can direct a subsequent written or oral response at his discretion.


If there are any confidential matters to be discussed, parishioners and press will not be granted access.


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